Trade and International Economic Policy

The rules by which governments and businesses operate across borders are evolving constantly, thanks to innovation and changing political environments across the globe.  

To successfully manage — and thrive — in these uncertain times, businesses and governments must be fully armed with a current, strong and comprehensive understanding of emerging issues and the range of positions held by interested parties, the short-term and long-term implications of particular options and actions, and the available offensive and defensive strategies.

With a strong network in the U.S. and abroad, and passionate about keeping clients informed and presenting ideas that are both creative and practical, Jacobs Global Trade is adept at ensuring that its clients receive timely, cogent and well-considered guidance and analysis with which to identify opportunities and obstacles and plan their business.

Jacobs Global Trade has deep experience helping companies influence the development and interpretation of the full range of current and emerging international trade and economic relations issues and policies.

Whether the issue is a WTO or U.S. trade agreement negotiation, or how to take advantage or avoid a pitfall of a preference agreement or program, an executive or agency action, proposed regulations or legislation, Jacobs Global Trade understands trade policy formulation and can help businesses and governments.

We develop strategies and campaigns to accomplish market access, supply chain, compliance risk level or social responsibility objectives. On behalf of our clients, we work with the trade agencies, the Congress, and the business community, including individual companies and trade associations, as well as with foreign embassies and policy-based institutions that can serve as essential resources and force-multipliers.