Lawyer/Lobbyist/Licensed Customs Broker: Your Trusted Trade Advisor and Advocate

It’s a challenging trade environment. Let Jacobs Global Trade & Compliance LLC help you navigate the complexities, risks and opportunities of moving goods and services across borders.

Our skill set is international trade rules and policy. Have the goods you trade been targeted by an antidumping or other investigation? Do you need to optimize your supply chain or evaluate the customs treatment of your imports? Do you want to influence the outcome of a trade negotiation or piece of legislation, or do you have a product safety concern?

We’re here to help you fight back, find certainty, make a difference, or ensure compliance. 

We’ve been there. We know the procedures, the rules, the decision-makers. We’ll use our decades of top international law firm and government experience to benefit you. We’ll be your advisor and advocate, invested in your success. And we will serve you efficiently and cost-effectively, providing high quality, thoughtful and comprehensive solutions – because your success is our success.